Freaky A Go GO!

Cast] Roswells, Communist From Outer Space, Nigeruka


Doors open at 18:30 raising of the curtain 19:30
All seats are free reservation ¥ 2,000 on the day ¥ 2,500 (tax included another drink)


Reservations by e-mail to here, Lastwaltzattoshiosai.Com
1. Desired performance date and time 2.Name & reading 3 Number of people
Please send us your phone number . A confirmation email will be sent back from here.


~ Profile ~


Roswells : In 2012, a nine-membered freekey funk band formed mainly by Leningrad Blues Machine’s Shimahiko Masahiko and Beast’s Lilian Yasuda Rio.


Rio Yasuda: vo (Lilian of the Beast, ex. Model Plants)
Masahiko Shimajima: b, cho (Leningrad Blues Machine)
Masakatsu Abe: g, cho ( Bedtown Liquor Store, ex. Model Plants)
Shotaro Kamiyama: g
Kazuya Wakabayashi: as
Mizuki Watanabe: ts
Yasuyuki Takahashi: tb (Shibu Sachizu, The Microman, etc.)
Wakasugi Daigo: ds
mayupon: per (oshare boys)


Communists From Outer Space : August 2012, Sam Bennett + Formed by chance on a session like a trio by Cal Rial + Mitsuru Tabata. A unique blend of vocals and drums by Sam Bennett, rooted in roots music, and improvised with twin guitars by Cal Rial and Mitsuru Tabata, who have various elements such as minimal, ambient, electronic music, and clout rock Has a great musicality. Cosmic and spontaneous improvisation trio.