Tokyo Ando Festival

Andmo ‘: An instrument duo of two Theremin by Saori Kojima (theremin, etc.) and Makoto Kikuchi (theremin, gt). In September 2005, there wasn’t a single band that appeared in a live show only in Theremin, Osaka / Namba BEARS. Because there is no help for it, it is a terrific unit that starts with making an instant unit with both names and performing as “and more…”. The unit that started with the pop performance of the pops changed into a rhythmic psyche progre style as the years passed. It is unknown to the people where they are going.


・ Small Uncle Jam: Improvised unit by members such as Yasuo Sugibayashi (Shakuhachi, g, voice) + Minoru Yonemoto (self-made electronic musical instrument) + Tamasaburo Matsushima (percussion instrument, voice, toy). Rather than improvising from any melody or theme, it is like a Go unit that feels like “sounds” are placed together.


・ Stripes (Reiko Imanishi: Samurai + Saori Kojima: Theremin): In the old days, there was a twin girl Ito Tsukushiki in the village of Moriuchi. One day on Tanabata, she was exposed to the dazzling girl’s dazzling light. Over the years, in the Heisei 21st year, I went to Ahi Nikki. Each person has a kite and an electronic musical instrument in his hand. If you can make it easier, you will be able to study strangely. After that, I realized the wishes of the people written in the strips. Ishiyashi, but I’m all drunk with the sounds of music that can be beaten. Then, the two named the “strip” and left Miyako Miyako in the sound, and walked.


・ Hirabarizu (Tatsuo Sugibayashi: g, vo + Tomohiko Kira: g, vo): “At the time of economic growth in this country, two people who were crazy about crayfish fishing and looking for erotic books in satoyama in one corner of Nagoya The boy never met, and it seemed that it took several decades for him to come out as “Hirabarizu” by walking along the path of music separately and finding each sound. QUJILA) and Tomohiko Kira (ZABADAK) are going to get started